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We are a family owned & operated, independent, small-business and our name is derived from where we have concentrated our collecting powers in Washington D.C. the national capitol of the US. Although, we travel up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida, as far west as Alaska and sometimes a quick overseas trip looking for the best records, collectibles and antiques that are out there.

Typically, most of the stuff we post online comes from around the Washington D.C. metro area and we have recently started concentrating on collectible vinyl records + sourcing the best products to protect, organize, enhance and share them with. So, from the beginning of the journey, when we are shaking hands, blowing the dust off these cherished collections that have taken most people decades and lifetimes to amass, to completion of this phase, when we get to interact with the newest owner are what make this so special and personal for us.

We believe, that as the world goes 'round, that it is our obligation and responsibility to challenge ourselves everyday to learn, laugh, love, discover, experience, share and give back to the world and this is one way, in which, we get to do that from top to bottom. And our mission is to practice this philosophy everyday through our actions, interactions, relationships, and  to be the epitome of an always learning, always discovering, open-minded, all-inclusive and pass-it-on culture through sharing and shared cultural experiences via music, arts, trade.

We also believe in responsible ownership and recycling of pre-owned products mainly through the aspects of reducing and re-using. Currently, we are recycling & reusing anything and everything that we possibly can: cardboard, vinyl/plastics, wood, metals, glass and paper + anything we purchase new comes from a recycled product, where possible. We actively encourage this cycle to continue and for all products to be shared, reused, discussed, reflected upon and passed on, mindfully, wherever and whenever possible.

Every aspect of this experience should reflect our commitment to these philosophies. It is the people, the places and the journey itself that bring us so much joy and happiness and our goal is to extend that experience to you.

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